Documentary Shorts 19

Documentary Selections

The Tides that Bind.jpg


directed by Nick Natalicchio

People have been sending messages in bottles for hundreds of years, in search of everything from romance to scientific data. Once found, a message in a bottle can capture the imagination and ignite a feeling of adventure. No one understands that more than Clint Buffington, who has found over 90 messages in bottles. Even more impressive, Clint has been able to track down many of the senders, which usually takes some detective work. Clint never knows where each message might take him, and he’s made some unlikely friends along the way.

(Pennsylvania, USA) (22 minutes)

Artist Statement.jpg


directed by Shayna Connelly

The artist fights for her voice in a world that doesn’t want her to speak. She risks her work being dismissed and herself declared “complicated”, “uncertain” or “irrelevant” unless she can define herself within a certain category.

(Illinois, USA) (5 minutes)



directed by Laurie Little and Justin Jones

From his darkroom and streets of Lyon, France to the Illinois country side, photographer/umbraphile, Richard Bellia chases the 2017 eclipse with daughter Valentine.

(France & USA) (14 minutes)

The Undeparted.jpg


directed by Chris McGuinness

Our journey begins at a small unassuming Antique Shop in Marriottsville, MD, when a filmmaker purchases an antique item, and finds himself confronted by the idea of spirit attachments. Curiosity gets the better of him and he embarks on a journey to find out more about this shop and the people that surround it.

(Maryland, USA) (37 minutes)